Are you in need of a little security? With access control, you can restrict areas of access to a person or other resource. Whether you're in need of an access control enclosure for a small section or you need an access controlled gate for the front of your home or office - we can get the job done!
You don't have to haggle over prices and materials, and no hard work is required on your part. At Benton Fence Company, we can quote you quickly! Delivering the service you need at a reasonable rate is our specialty.
Security gate

Handcrafted Service

You can trust that our talented fabricators are elite competitors in the custom fence work industry. We pride ourselves on giving you positive results and exceptional customer service. We offer emergency services on request. Call us today to learn more.
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"Benton Fence Company is an amazing company and they care greatly about their work and their community."

- Stephanie Rodgers

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